Toxic Mindset Over Girls Wear

’Religion Freedom includes the ability to choose one’s religion’

This is just an act of spreading religion violent in the world

Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousaf Zai also urged Indian leaders to ‘’stop the Marginalisation of Muslim Women’’

Forcing to choose between Hijjab and Study is the biggest slap on the faces of law makers.

This motivity is disturbing equality nothing else.

Weeks ago, I was scrolling on Facebook, I saw a shameless post on facebook about banning on Hijjab in India.
I was surprise to see. Honestly speaking, i was like ‘’it could be a fake news’’ because that’s not even possible to easily put a ban on a constitutional right. How can they ban minorities religion signs. It is totally hupocricy which would completely demolish basic rights of individuals, unfortunately, most heartrending fact is that world is sat silently. No concrete or draconian steps took againt this bullshit.
To wear according to right is a fundamental right which nobody can snatch it.

why world is against Islam?

On contrary, Islam is finest religion which never mark restrictions on other’s religion’s signs. This is not only happening in so called India but all over the world. Indian’s law makers says that ‘’Hijjab can be a dangerous for their country.’’ Whaaaaaaaatttt !!! how can they give such a rubbish statement..opps I forgot, They are Indian Extremism and can utter such nonesense any time. But everything has its limit and limit also does’nt allow itself to cross it.

Such stupidity point out on one thing that such people of our world need a world size insane asylum where i’ll personally book room for such individuals who are just in spreding of hate,extremism, colonialism, religion phobia and so on Because world and its people need peace.

Toxic mindset will not allow to live properly. It’ll poison everything with toxity behaviour which India and other countries trying to do and shake world’s peace.

We all’ve notice one thing that in class room, Students are not the same, in every sense but the common thing is all are humanbeing. Formost factor is ‘’Respect’’ respect of other’s intentions, respect of religious affairs, respect of everyone’s rituals and customs the way they live should give respect in all means. Respect is the only factor that bring a positive change in society.

‘’According to the United Nation, Minorities have rights to enjoy their own religion and to use their private language in private and in public’’

How can Indians say that Islam’s signs are based on terrorism? How can west forget the brutality over kashmiris by So called Indians and Modi who is a biggest sponsor of terrorism in Kashmir. Kashmiris are the real fighters against Indian Terrorism and world knows it better but sad thing is that I didn’t see any post of any west individual in favour of Kashmir Just like today All the West is in turmoil about Ukraine and what about Kashmir which have losted its uncountable innocent lives, what about kashmiris mothers who’ve losted their children, what about women who’ve losted their mens….I’m talking about every single person of Kashmir who are still facing lockdowns. People from west to East every person showing his /her grief among Ukrainian, but it is injustice for Kashmiri People who every day lost their loved ones. If world really wants to raise voice againt humanitarian crisis so it’ll better to stand and raise voice for all. should take stand for all because all are in human category.

I do not understand one thing that how can democratic officials or government rulers who run their states can think such a baseless or insane things?

How can they forget that such hatred vertalities, extremism, colonialism and so on can destroy the infrastructure and laws of country?

How dare someone decide that what should women wear and what should not women wear.

If Hijjab is the symbol of terrorism then why Indian actress Alia Bhatt wore it throughout her movie ‘’Gully Boy’’

If Hijjab is the symbol of terrorism then what is the symbol of ‘’Turban’

Always remember one thing if we do not raise voice against brutality and just saw it as a T.V show then it means our destruction is on its way.

; Women rights are human rights and they can’t be ignored.

;Women have right to wear what they want and no to be harassed

;I am not just talking about tiny tops, bikinis, sarees or others but also mean about Burqas and anything that covers women up.

My Hijjab is mine ‘’Libas’’ and my religion is mine identity, my traditions are mine belongings that can’t be demolished. So this is for those who are against of are identity, will be distroyed. Because this world belongs to every individual , world accept every individual without questioning of their religion.

If someone has problem with anyone’s religion so such people can leave the world and should immediately do it because it’ll give a positive relief to world because world is living its life with such Venoms who are eating it internally.

I am damn sure things gonna be worst if we’ll not take serious steps to combat it.



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