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Aayesha Sohail
3 min readJun 15, 2021


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No doubt Nature is always be in itself. It consist of all natural objects and also it gives us a pureness of something that can not explain in words but it is something unique. Plants, Fruits, Vegetables all the natural objects give us natural vibes. They are not only an eating products but also beauty products.We can use them as beauty prducts that can be precious for our skin.

We all are aware that nature’s beauty is everlasting, So why not we use its natural ingredients for everlasting beauty.

First of all I really like to eat watermelon because it is the only fruit which has 92% water and most beneficial not for our body but for skin as well. The most important thing is, it has vitamin C and Vitamin A which are helpful to reduce the aging process. Specially, vitamin A helps our skin to stay young.

Drinking water is very important to keep the body hydrated…so it is important to eat such fruits and vegetables that contain lots of water.

It is excellent for blood circulation because when blood circulate in high range so can give blood also to your hair and it is very good for hair growth and also for the other parts of the body.

You can mash watermelon in pot and can add one table spoon lemon int it and apply for 10 minutes, it is very goog summer mask that you can apply without any fear. Amazing thing is it contain all natural ingredients.


People who want low calories love to eat grapefruit.

It is very healthy for your immune system.

people who want low calories love to eat grapefruit.

It is a medicine which is free of artificial ingredients for Diabetes patients.

It is gold for your body and for skin as well.

It contain high volume of fibre and strong virtamin which are immensly healthy for your body.

Fibre and antioxident can help to reduce heart diseases and aslo a big factor to control your weight.


  • Papaya. It is one of the most well-known fruits when it comes to skin care. …
  • Hydrates the skin…
  • Treat acne and dark spots…
  • Brighten the skin…
  • Maintain the dead skin cells…
  • It is very useful for cholesterol disease
  • It control blood glucose and also control skin diseases.



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