Society’s Evils

Aayesha Sohail
3 min readMar 2, 2021

Society is facing many problems. These problems do not let it to success.

Politician Disagreement

Black money promoters

Bribery and over population are highlighted.

Unfortunately, population is a biggest evil which Pakistan, India and other Asian countries are facing. It has hit every state’s economy and industries. This is the biggest negative agenda. Number of birth are greater than number of death. Every day millions of birth increase population. If the number of people increase then automatically number of resources decrease. It is not a good sign for the future of the states. It has become a biggest enemy of states, because mostly people are illiterate. It ruined the structure of society.

All are aware that china is a biggest populated country but the question is why it is most developed country as well…….

The answer is literacy rate. China is such a country where majority are educated and they know how to face and overcome problems.

How Population Turn People Into Devils

Everyone knows that human does not born thief, robber, smuggler and so on. It is the society’s problems which lead every struggler to evil path.

Poor people have not much resources to fulfill their daily needs because of their needy stomach they have to earn and took care of their families. Due to the number of people one person can at a time can not do much for the family and then he choose short cut for fulfillment.

Due to over population, poor people can not give basic education to their children because of shortage of money. Sometimes they do bagging and also let children for begging. This is the most worst thing to see kids doing begging.

Politician Disagreement

If I’m not wrong, greedy politician play an evil part in this matter because they have full rights to control and overcome population and other problems of states. They are fully aware of all the problematic things but too busy in their personal things.

They do not release family planning awareness.

They do not guide their people about regular systematic problems.

They do not give free hand to people to get and give education easily.

Our countries need more power and resources to come in action. Basically, We need positive law makers to run states in a good way.

There are some restrictions in Islam and any individual can take advantage of it…

Islam is the most respectful religion in world because it teaches us how to start life and get rid of those problems which has ruined our life.

In Islam a girl and boy can not make any relation before marriage….They can not physically touch each other. Those restrictions are very important for every adult and to control population..

If I’m not wrong in other religion, there are not restrictions about this matter, they give birth to an unwanted child and due to lack of resources, they handover her/he to government.. This is the biggest factor of increasing the population.



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