Shut Up Body Shamers

Aayesha Sohail
3 min readDec 26, 2021

Always remember One thing that Allah has blessed you with magneficient features.

Just like all fruits are covered with a beautiful layer as our inner features are also cover with a beautiful layer and that layer is our body. Every one’s body is different in uniqueness, we have no right to put question on Allah’s art.

A friend of mine has gone through this kind of filth. I have no words to explain about her experience. She got anxiety and mental disturbance. She did not go out because of the fear of being bullying or tortured. She was the strongest girl of my batch but this incident made her vulnerable. She was not only the one who survived but her family too. The worst part is, she was bullying in University, an institution of mature and sensible people. This is rediculous. i can’t imagine a sensible, mature and most important an educated group of people can done such kind of persecution.

There are many heart rending stories like this. Every day, Every individual in every corner is surviving from it. For me only timid people do this because they are not happy from their appearance, that’s why they do not let anyone happy.

You are not a shame, you are not a disturbance creater tool for society, you are not a problem, You just consider yourself a weapon which try to reduce body shamer and other evils from society.

If i’m not wrong, we are biggest critics for ourself because when we see mirror we only criticised ourself which is not good. if we do no accept ourself so why we expect from others.

Accept yourself the way you are, you are a gem, you are different from others in every way because everybody has their own beauty secrets and we should just try to appreciate them not to break them.

Life has many stages, in every stage, our body change, our mind change, our personlity turn in another way. Sometimes we become fat, become skinny… our skin colour also change but it does’nt mean we are lost our beauty because every stage of life has its own beauty infact my mother says that every stage of life increase our beauty.

Most important factor is that we are our own enemy and friend, it totally depends on us how we handle ourself in every situation. Its all about accepting yourself the way you are… are excellent the way you are today.

Its ok to be hurt, its ok to be stupied, its ok the way you are but stand strongly in front of others.

The most famous spider man Quote; With Great Power, There Must Also Come Great Responsibility.

I always learn one thing which is your inner beauty inhance your outer beauty because outer beauty will be change with the period of time but only inner beaty has ability to increas with the period of time if you want.

If i am not wrong some hypocrite people only came to earth to criticize others because they just sit and keep bad commenting on people’s appearances. They have no idea others are also human they have also feelings. Such people are the reason young men and women struggle with body image and self confidence. This is disgusting. Such people think its ok to whatever they comment under someones pictures. Issue with body image can lead you to mental disorder and depression which is something i use to deal with personally and It was like someone smashed me.

I’m still human, check yourself…Bitch;;;



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