Love To Wear Black But Dude Not Black Skin. Why?

Aayesha Sohail
3 min readSep 2, 2021


Let me tell you one thing, There are numbers of skin oR winter hacks but for me most important factor for glowing and beautiful skin is to keep yourself up in positivity. It starts from our inner beauty, inner calmness, inner relaxation and so on….

First of all we have to accept ourself the way we are,

You have to naile it that you are a beautiful creation of Allah Almighty because everything has a purpose to come. Likewise every part of our body tell the beauty of existence.

If i’m not wrong, everyone has a save perspective about skin colour. They think that only white skin tone can be attractive… i don,t think so why we all hate black skin? …….That,s so weired. isn’t it?

We all love to wear black colour. Infact we have mostly black colour dresses in our wardrobe but the thing is we don’t accept black skin. I don’t this this is a normal issue…..Guys; this is a psychological issue and unfortunately, We all are victims………. ohhhh AlaSss…….

We all have craving to eat Drak Chocolate but not Dark Skin. Why?

We love Dark Nights but not Dark Skin. Why?

We love Dark Colours But not Dark Skin. Why?

My mum says that, Light Colour can be Change but Dark Colour can not change but it can change any colour.

Acceptable version Of Black colour. WHAT?

There are so many incidents that we heard about black bullying. This is not a valid reason to reject someone just because he/she is black. So many are living their lives under the shadow of so called psycho people who has the issue of Black O Phobia.. Like Americans and TrumpSSS also….Shhhhh

Mark my words….

We can not see stars without DarkneSS.

We should accept our world fellows…

We should make someone happy by warm appreciation…

Why we always complaining about our nose, lips, forehead about our hair in front of mirror. If we are bullying ourself so why not people? We are giving chance to people that they come and start bullying ourself. This is not good. Just be positive, Be acceptable, Be grateful, Be happier and a little arrogant of being Beautiful the way you are….You are not an ordinary person but extraordinary.

We are fighting between Black and White, Why not for Red? which is beneath every skin Colour.




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