Life Is unpredictable….

Life is all about happiness but if we want to live happy life then we have to follow its rules ; for me life is unpredictable because we never know what is coming next. Don’t ever get too comfortable’ always be ready for change. If i am not wrong change is the spice of life because we always want some spices in our food and it become delicious for us but spices of life are bit tart. we have to taste every flavour of life. Everyone has own perspective about life. Life never give second chance. According to my opinion we should never do partnership with life because it always deceive its partner.

You Only Live Once but If It Right Once Is Enough…..May west

Give your two hundred percent to life and never expect something from it. There are many merits and demerits of life but last but not the least never give up on life because there is always a right turn of life and we shout wait for it.

i am that kind of person who wants to do something more attractive and more self satisfying work in my life. On the other hand i am curious about up coming future. ok let’s become more frankly i want my own wings to fly. I want to see the world like a baby sparrow because we have only one life so why we are not passionate to explore the beauty of world and life too. Let’s see the attraction of life Let’s let yourself left like a bubble ….let’s fulfill our dreams. let’s ride Rollercoaster and let your hair dance in the breeze….

There can No Gain Without pain

we have to give something in return of happiness. Everybody knows that life is not a bed of rosses but i say that life is not a bread with jam.. I know it sounds silly. Life is a game and we have to complete every level. Sometimes we lose level and sometimes we win because when we lose we try again and start to win…Always remember one thing that we should never give up.

We should always try hard to achieve our goals because when we fail we get up then we fail then get up that’s make how human are strong.

hey; i am a Student of my own life and Struggle tO impress myself. I am a good listener and a great writer.. Ambitious to see and explore the wOrld…