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4 min readMay 26, 2021

Islamophobia is nothing but just a fear and hatred against Muslim nothing else. It is a form of racism, masses spread oppose democracy and use the name of Islam in a wrong way.

Islam is the religion that teaches ‘’There is no God but Allah’’. Muhammad (SAW) is a messenger of Allah.

Muslims believe that Islam is a complete code of life and it also teaches us complete rules of life. Islamophobia is a fear against Islam such as burning of mosque, abusing women wearing scarf, insulting Prophet of Islam. Since last two decades Islamphobia keep growing in some parts of the world but not it is on it peak in the whole world.

Muhammad (SAW) fought not only in the name of religion but also against injustice, dishonesty and oppression. Through the conquest of Makkah he (SAW) provided the world with the moral trhat victory does not give you right to oppress others. The only way to achieving peace is by forgiving others. He (SAW) choose to use gentleness rather than force to make people agree with him.

‘’After the conquest,his first words were; you may go as you please, for you are free.’’

This shows that Muhammad (SAW) was a blessing in all his deeds. He was a noble character for the mankind. He never thought to harm anybody to misuse his power. His mission was to spread peace and harmony among the nations. He was free from all the negative reactions. He was a great leader and always tought people that stop misusing the power. He is a great example of tolerance.


Conflict is the ongoingstruggle between Israel and Palestinis that began in the mid 20th century. Various attempts have been made to ressolve the conflict but all in vain. It has been reffered to as the world’s most intractable conflict.

Despite the long term peace process Israel and Palestine have failed to reach a final peace agreement.

Jerusalem is a main issue of this conflict. It is located between Judaam mountain and dead sea. It is one of the oldest city in the world and is considered the holy city. Due to this conflict Jerusalem has been destroyed at least many time and being attacked too. Jerusalem is the third Holy city after Makkah and Madinah. Today Jerusalem has become the core issue in the whole world. Palestine is a muslim country and it has right to fight for its freedom.

The great leader Quaid E Azam said that……

“Pakistan could not recognise Israel unless it gave freedom to Palestine”

Also said that……

“If we recognise Israel and ignore Palestine, We will have to give up on Kashmir as well and we can not do this”

It is clearly be seen that it is not only a religious fight but ethnic.

Israeli soldiers attacked worshipers and kill so many innocent lives. How can it be possible to take life of someone to make orphan someone in the name of religion. Religion itself does not allow it.

I really don’t know why people fight just because of religion….

“For you is your religion for me is my religion”

Muslim Are Not Terrorist And Terrorist Are Not Muslim

No1; We all are aware that terrorist are use Islamic law in a bad ways. They do not promote Islam in worldwide. They promote Ethnocentrism, Extremism, hatred, Rigid mindset etc.

No2; They use websites to spread Islamophobia.

World consist of different religions and traditions for instance every year million of people beloging from different culture, different areas,a nd different races gather in Holy city of Makkah for the fulfilment of Holy journey. But unfortunately, it is sad to see that the whole world is becoming a mess day by day. It is said in Hloy Quran that;

“ Whoever kills innocent soul as if he has killed all of the humanity”

More Light needs At The Corridors Of Worship Places

There is a great need of tolerance, humanity , love, respect etc in the religion around the world. The reason is that various religion are exploited for personal gains by extremist and clerics that brings so much harm to the world.

There is need to spread and teach peace and love to make this more secure and pleasant.

Focus on those worship places as they can be places for spreading positive things. We have to emphasize on worship places and don’t allow narrow minded people to hold religion hostage.

We are living in such society where we all need to explain ourself infront of masses. we need to clear all the mess which is bringing the world in havoc.

There is great need to explain a true Islam infront of the world because Freedom only exist in the knowledgeable society.

“We resolutely declare that religions must never incite war, hateful attitudes and extremism”






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