Muslims believe that Islam is a complete code of life and it also teaches us complete rules of life. Islamophobia is a fear against Islam such as burning of mosque, abusing women wearing scarf, insulting Prophet of Islam. Since last two decades Islamphobia keep growing in some parts of the world but not it is on it peak in the whole world.


Jerusalem is a main issue of this conflict. It is located between Judaam mountain and dead sea. It is one of the oldest city in the world and is considered the holy city. Due to this conflict Jerusalem has been destroyed at least many time and being attacked too. Jerusalem is the third Holy city after Makkah and Madinah. Today Jerusalem has become the core issue in the whole world. Palestine is a muslim country and it has right to fight for its freedom.

Muslim Are Not Terrorist And Terrorist Are Not Muslim

More Light needs At The Corridors Of Worship Places






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Aayesha Sohail

Aayesha Sohail

working as a freelancer, trying to explore the world through knowledge, now starting working on medium.