Is Pandemic Is Endemic?

Aayesha Sohail
3 min readApr 25, 2021


Corona is nothing but a Pandemic, an Epidemic, an Endemic and an Outbreak.

The simple way to understand the difference between pandemic and an endemic is Pandemic ‘P’ is a passport and Endemic ‘E’ has an equipment that trying to end the world. It is necessary to understand how this little shit can spread a deadly virus around the world. If i’m not wrong there somewhere also our mistake. If we follow natural precations and SOp’s so our future could be free from any deadly virus.we all are aware that this virus brutally kill people wich is countless. Every person is facing many difficulties during this pandemic. People have no food, no refugee, no medicine and so on….

Connect With Others

Talking to people you trust most, keep in touch with those who are going through this deadly disease. Tell them to stay calm and how to avoid of being panic.

Be Kind To Yourself And Others

Try to reduce of watching, read or listen news that makes you more uncomfortable and stressfull.

Firstly, help yourself during this difficult situation than help others, it means that make yourself able to help others

Try to be nice to others and spread positivity because this is the time when we all need support system from our family and others too.

keep A Healthy Routine

Get up and go to bed at the same time every day.

Keep yourself healthy by eating healthy food and most of it is drink warm water more as you can.

Don’t go out without any precautions.

Take exercise daily and keep this as your daily routine work. walking and stretching helps a lot.

Most important thing is that don’t use alcohol or any drugs while you dealing with anxiety or social isolation.

Slow breathing and positive thinking can help you to combat stress.

It is necessary to keep yourself fit and aware of what is happening around you.

Some people are not aware of real situation and don’t know how to handle this pandemic situation. Try to help them, try to give them support.

Helping others can be good for you too.

We don’t know what kind of situation we are going to see in up coming days. So guys be ready, be safe and be kind. Don’t loose hope because hope is only a thing which make us keep going.

Don’t judge anyone by the way of their pandemic routines because everyone has their own perception or tricks to reduce daily stress and anxiety.

Just appreciate those people who are not only survive from deadly virus but also help others. So be kind and spread kindeness…

We need each other support and love,,,Don’t think about the past just try to make your present fruitfull…. Make your present wonderfull so that it can be imagine in a good way….



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