Hydrate Yourself In A New Way

It’s a fact that drinking gallons of water in a day means missing the malow drama of your surroundings because you would be busy peeing.

Drink water if you have to play crying scenes in life. Water should be your first and last love because it never left emotional, imitating, and teary effects on your health.

Follow 3Rs…..

you need to follow it but here is my list of stuff that gave me a hydrated mind and body as well because if your mind is fresh, hydrated, and free of garbage thoughts that deserve dustbin but they stay in your mind to feel their father’s home…..

Invest Matters No Matter Where You Invest

Rules Which Deserve To Be Follow

YOur salary wouldn’t detect if you appreciate your features in front of the mirror. Trust Me….


Help the child to come out who has been hidden somewhere in yourself.


Invest in someone who is also interested to invest in yourself.



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Aayesha Sohail

working as a freelancer, trying to explore the world through knowledge, now starting working on medium.