How To Keep Water Clean

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We all are aware that how much water is essential part of our life. Water is the most important substance in earth for not only human but for animals as well. Water carries nutrients and cell to our body and mind and flushes out toxic material from our body and brain. It is obvious that we can’t live without water. If there is no water so there is no life. Water is a gift of God.

How To Save Our Water

Try to use less water and turn off all the tap when you don’t need water.

2. Take shorter shower and install such bath flushes which do not leak.

3. Just turn off water while shaving, cooking and so on.

4. Use less water while brushing your teeth.

5.Fix all your pipes, tabs and other things which leaks water.

6. Fill your water tanks and bottles and use it wisely and carefully.

7. Try to save rain water. It’ll be very helpful for anyone.

How Much Clean Water Is Healthy For Any Living Body.

Cleanness or pureness in water is as important as we need healthy and organic food. It is obvious that water gives our body a pure blood circulation system and it also keep our organ and mind healthy. But unfortunately, we are living in such place where we can not find pure junk free water. People face many difficulties and number of diseases due to unhygienic not only on water but in the food as well. Not only children, elders also survive from number of diseases like Diarrohia, typhoid and many more. These diseases are becoming dangerous day by day. People are well aware from this fact but not doing as much as expect. Water treatments are removed from everybody’s life. It is important to take step to improve our water system in our colony, in our society as well as in our country. There are many ways to clean water such are…..

  1. First of all we have to aware every single person about cleanness of water through water campaign.
  2. We should broadcast commercial ads.
  3. We should display banners about savage and cleanness of water everywhere.
  4. Should keep a look on sanitation.
  5. Took a step against those factories which are throwing their waste material in seas, oceans and lakes.

Water Should Be Clean Not for only Human but For Animals As well

Animals need fresh and clean water as human need. We all know very well that we are not giving fresh and pure water to animals this is the reason number of animals die due to acid water. Due to the acid of factories which engage with water, many lives under the water die due to the unwillingness of humans. Because animals need fresh water for their body functioning. It is not good for human as well for example if some animals and fishes tolerate such acid water and human eat those animals so they can die.

Savages of water from acid materials

Should minimize harmful acid material in factories and back off to throw waste in lakes and in others water places.

Should not throw garbage in lakes because this the most disturbing thing for under water livings.

Should Join beaches and Water cleanup campaigns.

Control acid smoke which make water vapors for acid rain, such rain water add in lakes and oceans and uncleans the water.

Prepare a presentation about preservation of water.

The accidental release of cyanide from a precious metals recovery facility in Romania contaminated the Tisza River in 2000, killing aquatic and terrestrial animals, such as this horse who drank the poisoned waters 3 weeks after the spill. The pollution not only traveled downstream through Romania, Hungary, and Yugoslavia, but also entered the Danube River and ultimately the Black Sea. The release of an estimated 100 metric tons of cyanide caused what the United Nations called one of the worst pollution accidents in Europe.

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Last but not the least, We have to take oath to clean our colony, society and most importantly earth.

Have to make a rain garden for earth and let our living things to live healthy. It is earth and we are guards of this beautiful earth. It is our duty to save natural resources because they are blessing of God and we should keep them save.

5 Steps To Make Water Drinkable

  1. Boiling is the best way to keep the water drinkable, from this method we can get rid of most harmful bacteria by boiling.
  2. Homemade filter is another safest way to drink purify water.
  3. Chlorine and Ozone are two cheapest chemicals to make water drinkable.
  4. You can also install the carbon filter under your tap.
  5. Rain water is also drinkable water. You can also save such blessing because it is free to touch from plants, buildings and from other things, it directly comes from the sky.



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