Fixing The Identity Of Women

Aayesha Sohail
13 min readOct 24, 2021


Last day I googled, What is the meaning of Woman, guys you have no idea Google says that, It means of an adult female of human being. What? So, Interesting to see that google says that woman is also a human. No wonder, it is shocked to read for those who don,t accept woman r girl a living thing.We all know better, what is the version of women infront of narrow minded or who don,t accept them human.

Then I googled, Islamic point of view about woman…..What i read is in the eyes of Allah men and women should be equal and are allowed to fulfill the same role.

According to Islamic Point Of View… We all know that Islam is the only religion, who gave respect and rights to women. This is the tendency in our society that man has to go out and earn for his family. Men should be bread winners for their families.

Women are most beautiful creation of Allah Almighty. They are precious ornaments, they should be secure from evil eye. Islam has gave equal rights to men and women to get education.

Hazarat Muhammad S.A.W said ‘’Give Education To Your Daughter And Son’’

I searched everywhere on internet, open all links which are related to women but honestly i did not find any bit of evidence which prove that woman is not a living thing.

Everywhere on internet says same thing which is if woman is a living thing r human So, she must has feelings. She also has sense of humour, She also has temperament, she also has right to live an independent life or peaceful life. She feels or wants to live all factors of life which others have. They have full right to live safe life

This has became a Global Issue;

Each and every country is facing top issues of women. There are brief discussions about women issues. I don,t understand one thing which is valid and i am sure you all will connect with me….Why only woman is a Global Issue and Man not? it is not a difficult question to ask. I am just giving my views not going personally. This has became a horrible fact for all the girls or woman out there. To live as as a Girl in this planet is just a horrible dream nothing else. This is not just for those who are poor and not being allowed to come out from home , Unfortunately, For every girl or woman.

On March 8, 2018. Pakistan saw its first Aurat March in major cities of Pakistan. Women from all walks of life gathered to highlight the issue which they are going through including sexism, harassment and various misconducts. We call ourselves ‘’Hum Auratein’’ as we represent every women in the world.

Said by a social activist Sheema kermani at the press conference ‘’We are women who work as hard as men and want to be treated equally, and with equally respect, we want to make our own decisions’’

A key demand is an end to physical emotional and sexual violence against women even with ‘’Transgenders’’

Need To Understand The Real Motive Behind The Word Of Independent……

Independent is someone who lives on their own and also supports others.

Independent means someone who can get or achieve everything which ones’s desire.

Someone who pay his/her own dues.

someone who wants to shine like a star by his/her hardwork.

someone who wants to become a citizen which every society demands.

Independence means,

Independent Thinker.

Independent Creator.

Independent Courageous person.

Independent Rigorous.

Independent to help .

Independent to take risk for a better future.

Thinking For Your Self, as Yourself….

But unfortunately, In our society people have a wrong perception about Independency. They think that if someone demands independency ,So it means he/she wants to live life to break the rules of home, society, and country, live a vulgar life and so many wrong ideas which are totally against the real meaning of independent. Simply says that they just follow opposite side of peace.People need to change change their way of thinking, Parents should trust their girls.

Fact is that women are victims of evil customs. It is a crime against humanity that our women are confined within the four walls of the houses as prisoners.

Women Empowerment has five components;

Women sense of self worth.

Their right have determine choices.

Their right to have access to opportunities and resources.

Their right to have the power to deal own lives.

Some people has misconception that Women Empowerment is an agenda to spread anarchy in society. We should know that women all over the world have been facing challenges since the beginning.

Sometimes, I Feel that Women are victims and everyone who is against women’s activities are Devil’s Advocate…..

Rape is unlawfull sexual activity which is committed forcefully against a person’s will……………

So many insidents took places which prove that woman is not safe in any country. I wonder to know that she is the creation who never intentionally hurt anyone but she always being hurted. I am feeling ashamed to write it that Woman is just a piece of meat for those So called wolves who are always in search of meat.Women being assaulted, raped, tortured, and so many incidents happen with them every day.

This is the finest work which also take place in Weekend. In my information, usually, people don’t work in weekends. They take holidays to relax from any kind of work but WhAT I notice is our people are very Workaholic. To torture women, rape them, assault them are most important work, If it would not done then……

The Infrastructure of country will be destroy…

The Economy will be mess…

Inflation will be on its peak…

World will be stand on the verge of chaos.

It is estimated that approximately 40% of women have experienced sexual harassment, 50% of women have experienced of domestic violence. Girls have no right to educate them . if i am not wrong we can not suppose how much women are in pain, in danger and living a miserable life.

South Africa has the highest rape rate in the world. According to a survey by the Medical Research Council, approximately, one in four men surveyed admitted to committing rape.

In Bangaladesh countless rape incidents reported in per day. In India 1.90 rape rate took place and some are no reported for the sake of family’s respect.

In India the Odisha rape victim was just 3 years old, Banda victim was just 8 years old. 12 years old girl set on fire after getting rape. The list can go on and on……

In Pakistan rape cases are on its peak. A 50 years old of woman was subjected to tortured and sexual assault by influential people in Muzafargarh.

The details told by the victim of the motorway gang-rape will burst you in to tears.Investigators say that woman left her home with her two children in Lahore. She was driving when her car ran out of fuel around 1:30 am. She called her relative and called police for help but Unfortunately, However, before they arrived, two men approached. They broke the car’s windows and dragged the woman and her children to a field beside the highway, where she was gang-raped. She was raped infront of her children, that moment was heart bursting for her. This is the peak of vulgarity in world.

In 2018 six years old Zainab was brutally tortured,rape and killed. We have no words to explain her family’s trouma.

Rape in Pakistan came to international attention after the political sanctioned rape ofMukhtar Bibi.

I am feeling ashamed to write it…

‘’Woman Is Not Safe Even In Grave’’

It was very disturbing to listen the news that four men had being caught of raping a dead woman in grave. I was shocked after listening this kind of exhausting news. This news proves that world is standing in the verge of chaos.

The #MeToo movement has caught momentum in Pakistan this year. Last Year A Pakistani woman raise her voice and said ‘’Mera jism Meri Marzi’’ People took it negative way and gave bad comments on it. I honestly, don’t know the real motive behind it but personally I would love to share my perspective about it. The logo ‘’My Body My Decision’’ Now I can understand the real meaning of this logo after watching and listening sexual harassment news, acid attacks, and so many cases which gave us as cristal as real meaning which is, every person while girl or boy has its own right on body or personal life no one can touch or interfere in someone’s personal life. How can someone touch someone’s body without permission or forcefully.

Acid cases are not coming slow in every corner of world. Every day number of girls number of stories, number of broken dreams, literally, my hand is shaking while writing it.

People always say that inner beauty and hard work is is important but the fact is people always find outer attraction. They even teasing a normal skinned person So we all can understand what they do with acid victims….

Laxmi Agarwal’s Comments…..

I was the victim and I had nothing to be ashamed of. I decided that I will not feel sorry for myself and instead lift myself for my family. I will survive to tell my story so that no one else faces a similar situation or even contemplate suicide when they face rejection by the community.”

All women oR girls do capti0n under their pictures which is AGE DOES NOT MATTER….

It is very heart rending to say that In the world of rape AGE DOES NOT MATTER…

East, West, North, South nowhere has safety gurrantte for women.

Every girl should be independent financially and has power to take decisions of her life. Parents force their girls to get marriage in early 20’s.Early marriages have became a trend in our societies. Family force their girls to get married. They already know the side effects of early marriages but they just follow their so callrd customs. There are so many incidents of selling girls just for handsome amount and we all know better what happen with them after early marriages and being selled. Parents should realise the horrible facts of early marriage. Their daughter should be independent so that her husband think 100 times before beating or cheating on her.

I don’t say that all men are same but Yeah,

Fingers of our hand are not same in size but they move together.

This is a normal fact in society, women are afraid of getting divorce and men took advantage of it and torture them in the name of divorce. That’s why they implement their rules on their spouse. I am not telling that women should not obey their partners, they should be but every relationship demands equality and respect.

I always mention my Mother’s words; ‘’If woman demands to her partner to take care her like a QUEEN so, firstly she has to make him KING.’’

I am not endorcing divorce, What I am giving endorcing is to be in relationships which help you to keep your sanity instead of suffocating you.

If I am not wrong, world is scattering because every existence is losting it’s own value.

Value of being respectful.

Value of being independent.

Value of being natural.

Value of being loveable.

Value of being childhood.

Value of being exist in this world.

The convention on the political rights of women was approved by the United Nation General Assembly on 31st march 1953 in New York City. According to this convention, women have right to participate in political field. Women have right to vote in elections.

The Russian Grand Duchy of Finland woman was the first in the world to gain racially equal suffrage, with both rights to vote and to stand as candidate. To vote and stand as candidate has been granted throughout the world.

New Zealand was the first Self Governing country in the world in which all women had right to vote. Now, Jacinda Ardern is New Zealand’s Prime Minister. She is a great role model for all women who have urged to do something for herself and for the country.

Pakistani Woman Samina Baig became the first Pakistani woman to scale the Mount Everest.

Benazir Bhutto became the first Prime Minister in Muslim majority country. At the age of 35, she was the youngest elected leader in the Islamic world.

Malala Yousaf Zai is a Pakistani activist for female education and the youngest Nobel Prize Holder. She had threatened by Taliban many times and also were shooted by Taliban but she never gave up and become a prominent activist for the rights of women. She was subject of the Oscar Short Listed Documentary. ‘’He Named Me Malala’’ She said that;

‘’I raised up my voice not so that I can shout, but so that

Those without a voice can be heard’’

Hillary Clinton said that, ‘’To all the little girls, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your goals’’

Research and experience has documented that women’s role in local and in National Political processes greatly improves democratic outcomes.

Woman Empowerment isn’t just a catchy slogan, it is a key factor in social and economic level for the success of nation.

‘’There is no effective tool for the development than the empowerment of woman’’

‘’Women, like men, should try to do impossible and when they fail, their failure should be a challenge to others’’

A woman is All rounder, within her is the power to create and transform.

Always remember one thing ‘’Educate a man and you educate an individual, Educate a woman, you educate a family’’

‘’If woman understood or exercised their power, they could remake the world’’

‘’A woman is like a tea bag, you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water’’

I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men, they are far superior and always have been.

According to the article of thirty seven of the constitution of Pakistan, education is a fundamental right for women. It means that state has legal obligation to remove all discriminatory barriers.

After the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement in the USA, women are coming forward to tell their stories. Sexual harassment can lead to anxiety, depression, lower self esteem and can put in trauma.

Intellectually Difference of boys and girls has a long debate. According to the research of scholars, it is said that, boys and girls have same capacity of mind. In modern time this criteria is increasing day by day. Girls are more conductive and responsible than boys. They have proved in every field of life. In the field of medicine, law, teaching, industry and so on. It is true that according to the physical situation, girls got their mental intelligence than boys because boys get mature in the age of 15 to 16 but girls get mature in the age of 11 to 14. Girls are more passionate to do something different for a good change which is commendable. On The other hand boys are physically strong than girls. It is reality we can not change it. Girls have power of tolerance and can easily bear emotional matters.

All I can say that boys and girls can do whatever they want to do if they have urge to do. We should not give up until we achieve our goals. Our goals should be the first priority of our life. Men are also play a leading role in every field of life.

Difference in human intelligence has a long debate to discuss but still there are specific boundaries for men and women and both should respect these boundaries. We can say that men and women are not equal in some ways… This is not partiality but should be discuss.

According to Islamic Point Of View…

We all know that Islam is the only religion, who gave respect and rights to women. This is the tendency in our society that man has to go out and earn for his family. Men should be bread winners for their families.

Women are most beautiful creation of Allah Almighty. They are precious ornaments, they should be secure from evil eye. Islam has gave equal rights to men and women to get education.

Hazarat Muhammad S.A.W said ‘’Give Education To Your Daughter And Son’’

Quaid E Azam said that; ‘’Give me one educated woman then I’ll give you educated family’’

Woman should be our first priority because they are our strong assessment.

All I can say that we are living in such society where, mostly individuals have rigid feudal mindset. I think before change the society, women have to change themselves first. They have to raise their voice against culprits.

Education is the basic need for every individual because it is a basic factor to change the world in a good way. Education sustain a difference between literate and illiterate. It helps us to find profitable ways to earn money or to do for the country. Halal ways are the only ways to get money or every necessities of life.

Our Supreme leader Quaid E Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah said ‘’Work, Work and Work but never gave up’’

Giving up should not be an option because when you fail then you get up, that’s makes you strong and keep going.

We have to cover the roads to reach the destination.

If we seek help from our glorious book Quran and the Hadith then it would be clear and both emphasized on the protection of the rights of education, worship, freedom of opinion. Motivate women in private as well as in public sector.



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