Banning Something Never Works

Aayesha Sohail
2 min readOct 8, 2021


There are lots of unprofessional steps which our government take for the betterment for country become worst for country. Banning something make it more desireable.

There is no doubt, Government has been playing worst game with people just because of its pocket, and don,t know when it will stop. The feudal lords control the lives of innocent people. Poor people have no courage to take step against corrupt authorities. This kind of govern is just a shameless nothing else.

An intelligent said, YOu Show Me A Capatalist, and I’ll Show You A Blood Sucker.

I don’t understand one thing that Why government always ban something instead of implement the strong and acceptale rules over people?

For example, we can not confine someone in a room, because he/she become more dangerous, likewise; government has no right to ban something like apps and so on after this people find shortcuts or negative ways to use those apps and it’ll become more worst for the future.

TikTok Ban In Pakistan, Is youth has Stop Of Making Bad Content

Government of Pakistan ban tiktok just because people are misusing this app and making vulgur Or dangerous contents because if those cntents youngers have suicided and so many incidents took place. Most intresting part of this story is there is no change occur in society.

VPN Virtual Private Network, it is use for reopen banning apps in illegal way. All using this so called banning app tiktok from vpn and still making vulgar videos and irrelevant contents.

Now the question is., Where is the so called government?

Instead of giving punishment and implement laws to stop vulgarity and crimes in society, they just ban app… Ohhh what a strategy to run a country….If a worst government can not run a society how can it run a whole country?

Banning something make it more powerful to use it.

Banning something really means that Government takes shortcut to control anarchy in society but we all knows that, Every Action Has Its Reaction.Government always takes action but forgots worst reaction after it.

world has been experimenting with so many systems of government but no other system coust satisfy the basic needs of the people.

The world isw hasty, still it has different criteria for its states to qualify the digital revolution.



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