7 Changes Can Brought A Biggest Change In an Unchangeable Life

I want to start it by a Beautiful poem that will be play a positive role in your mind when you’ll read it…..

‘’ wait but wait, Mark you time, Good time will come, The sun will shine, That’s a promise of mine, Stay strong and take it all, Be brave an let the sky fall, you are strong and wise, you may fall but shall rise, Hard time will move away in full, Till then hang in there, Good time will come.’’

‘’Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy.’’

‘’Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is mystery.And today? Today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present.’’

1: Compound Effects

So i brought tiny changes in my life. Honestly speaking i followed compound Theory which says that ‘’Little changes can bring a biggest change in life.’’

Try To Get Up Early

This helped me a lot to get the things sort out. We all heard that Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise. when i get up early, i do my work in no time and i manage my routine so easily from it get so much time for pending work which makes me super energetic.

2: Talk In Meditation

Meditation is the medicine that everyone needs to take it daily. I don’t know what guys your perspective about Meditation but kind of meditation i do is to sit alone in a room and talking to Allah ( SAW) and tell him about myself, my inner feelings, questions that really need answers,share secrets, I share something that i can’t share to anyone. You can also try it because it gave me a sense that i’ve never felt. Took a deep breathe and just relaxe. just wash your brain and heart from negativity and depression, This will heal your soul.

3: Time Management

Time management is an art that many people don’t know how to manage it. Time is an expensive gift of God and we take it easy.

Rule No;1 is do your work on time.

Rule No;2 is just follow the rule no 1. This is the simplest formula to save and manage your time.

4: Mind Making

Mind making is another formula to make your live easy and i’ve just learnt it. I started to talk such people who are expert in their fields. I tried to grab their expertise through their knowledge because talk to such people help you in making a creative mind. This helped me to bring some catchy ideas in my mind, this helped me to see other’s ideology through their lens. Always remember one thing that;

when you talk to someone you say something you already know and when you listen it means you learn something you don’t know.

5: Write What Comes In Your Mind

Just keep writing when it become the shape of Book..just go and publish it…It is a little silly but a motivational joke ( need to put an emoji here) probably i write in daily basis, i write about my daily routine work what i’ve done or what gonna do, is a therapy you all need it. It get my all frustration out and make me feel easy and free from toxic day. It works like an ice cube for my mind.

There is a secret behind my reading skills, I read all type of stufs but i use different style when i read, sometimes i sound like a journalist, sometime i sing poetry, sometime i become split personality and doing debate but just in my reading segment. It never get me bore from reading.

So this was the one sided relaxation now let’s jump to another segment which is as yummy as healthy.

6: No wonder healthy diet is a basic need for every individual.

. Use your phone wisely means hold your phone, google about healthy diet.

.Go to your physian and ask to prescribe a healthy diet according to your will.

.Eat seasonal fruits,vegetables and drink a lot of water, it keeps you hydrate.

.The most important this is to keep your stomach healthy because stomach plays main role to make someone healthy and unhealthy so eat mint curd in early in the morning, it is a very instant formula to keep you healthy and fit. It keeps you fresh and younger.

You need to be creative to sharp yourself in a world of creativeness.

7: you have to polish your inner tallent, you’ve have jamed.


2: Sketching

3: Painting

4: Play your favourite or any instrument you don’t like because we always run from the things we don’t like but now there is a dire need of change to face which we don’t want to face. This gives you spirit to fight from any hazardous cicumstances.

5: Photography, gives you a kick to capture a kind of world you dreamed. You don’t capture beautiful moment in your camera but in your mind. This is the effective way to come out from depression.

6: Dance, oops, i dont know how to dance but someone told me that some who don’t know dance is the biggest dancer.

These all are little changes of my life which have brought a biggest change in my life in a good way. we need to oil our life’s generator, we need to charge it so it’ll give us energy when there will be no electricity. That would be the day when we realize the change we’ve strived for’.’



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