5 Tips For Growing Durban Poison Strain

Aayesha Sohail
3 min readApr 2, 2021

It is a landrace plant from South Africa. It gives an effecting taste to our mind. It is known for its uniqueness and also known for its spice taste. It is associated with such characteristics which promote good health and used to grow more seeds for domestic crop. It is an eye catching factor for medicine. It is one of the most energetic cerebral around us. It is overall a package to get rid of anxiety, stress and other problem which are unhealthy for our body. It is a rare treatment for those who work hard and too much busy in daily routine , don’t have time to sleep or to get relaxation, can get help through this Duran Strain.

1: It should be planted outside to grow. You should have great quality of carbon filter for the best quality of stretched buds. It required full support of sunlight and warmness.

2: Use hydroponic system to grow Durban poison because it gives tremendous result for a faster growing. (It is the soilless with high nutrient system). Such system gives best quality, stronger yield and superior quality. You can tied or bent its stretched buds according your yard. Durban poison outdoor takes 8/9 weeks to grow plus 8/10 weeks flower Or its 8/10 weeks for flowering. Growing of plants depends on the schedule of sunlight. That’s why June or July are the basic months for the strain. You can usually expect your plant to triple once it goes from vegetative growth and starts to show signs of flowering….

3: Give it high quality nutrients that gave it help in the stage of vegetation. It is very important to give it Potassium (P) in the growing stage and it is also important to add up Nitrogen (N). Research says that one part of human body urine and ten parts of water give salt and other fiber.

Research in Sweden suggests that diluted human urine is a fantastic fertilizer for farm use. It improves the recirculation of N-P-K…

4: pesticide your plants is very essential part of growing. You can make your own spray to pest you plants. Take one table spoon of oil and one table spoon of soap and one quart of water mix it thoroughly and then apply on the branches of plant that procedure keep your plant away from dangerous bugs. It is very important to keep plants save from diseases. You can also apply chemicals in the morning or the evening but chemicals should be not inhaled during the procedure. It can be affected for quality of plant.

5: Watering your plant is another part of it because water drainage should be quite impressive because if you have not proper drainage system so it will be slower procedure to grow. You should have an excellent drainage of water so you can water you Durban plants 3 to 5 days a week. It’ll give your plant enhanced oxygen to grow faster and can reach in flowering stage in no time. Carbon dioxide is very sufficient for Durban plant because it gives more energy to grow up to 40% , if we compare to another thing.

Photo by Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu on Unsplash

But I will not recommend you because over enhancement of Carbon Dioxide can be dangerous for human. You can take advantage through it by following the measurements.

6: Grower should have Green House system for maintenance of plant because Green House system can keep your plant away from Ultraviolet Rays coming from the sun light. If you don’t have then establish a system that would be good for plants.



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