5 Steps To Maintain Our Beauty

Aayesha Sohail
3 min readFeb 11, 2021

Be What You Are

I’m talking about long lasting beauty which never fades away. Be who you are, don’t change yourself. If I’m not wrong this is the most repeated and confident phrase in life because people lost their self in somewhere of their life routine. I’m unmarried and I’m not getting through any relations so what i heard from other’s is, they just lose their beauty, enjoyment, freedom and kind of attitude to compromise in life. I don’t think so this is a right decision of not enjoying own life and just compromising on smile, on beauty, on inner satisfaction and so on. Marriage is a beautiful feeling and also it becomes more fruitful when you marry with someone who is your best buddy and wants to complete his journey of life with you. But one thing I mention don’t compromise with your happiness, do your best in return, give respect love and maintain compatibility

If you want to be treated like a Queen then you’ve to treat your mate like a King.

Self Improvement Is Another Step

Don’t compare yourself with others because you are one and only piece in earth.

Keep ready yourself to do an eye catching work.

Don’t waste your energy to impress others just start to impress yourself then people will make a straight line for you.

Don’t let yourself to be trapped in lame thoughts.

Improve your every step by hard work and chase your goals until you reach to your destination.

Usually, i met some people who are more active more confident and more desirable to do something for a shining future but why they are not getting their goals? this is the most asking question. I have an answer, fact behind all the stories is they need motivation from someone. Why? i don’t think so such people need motivation from someone else because they are a full motivational package and they just need to motivate them self by own. Keep your will power up because there is a will there is a way.

Work, Eat, Dress Up, confidence Are Keys of Power

Smile is like a make up just wore it always. Remind yourself about happy moments. i always remind myself of the wonderful moments in my life because we always try to improve our outer look but never satisfy our soul. Our soul need peace and our soul find peace everywhere, because we go through from many difficulties and anxieties but never find a true peace in life, sometimes people fed up and take some serious actions and risk their life. This is so sad for people whom want help and want to get rid of such problems. My advice for those people is Keep loving yourself guys, God has gifted us Present, past, Future and and give us rights to make them beautiful. It is all i your hand, prayers and hard work can change your destiny in a way you can never imagine.

we are Beautiful Creation, And We Know How To Become more Attractive.

keep your self beautiful because Outer beauty reflects from inner beauty.

Found your light in darkness.



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