5 Steps To Achieve Goals In Life

Aayesha Sohail
3 min readFeb 1, 2021

Take The First step

Every time i take one step forward. It makes me more confident to take other step. We all are on a journey where we just trying to reach our destination. I remember when i was around 19 years old and i was trying to drive a car and honestly, i was like ohhh it is a most difficult thing to learn in my life I give my best to learn but every day i loose my hope because when i drive…that day became a horrible episode of owner’s life. He keep saying that……..

it is not your type of work. You should go and handle the Kitchen

literally, i felt like i am not exist in this rude world but i did,t loose hope because hope is the only thing that i kept in my pocket with my sell phone. I am just shared this mini story but this was a biggest achievement for me because i gave my hundred percent.

The first step is you have to say that you can

The first step says that you are not going to stay where you are. But most important thing is that you should have faith in whatever you are going to do, this is the basic secret of life because every success requires first step.

Change Your Thoughts While Change The World

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First of all you have to do is to change your perception about life then you can change the world by your informative ideas. This procedure is just like you love to drink Hot Chocolate but instead of it you have to drink SHARBAT. Every person in this world is free to move on, is free to go , is free to do whatever he/she wants to do in life.

In our society we just see the persons as we are not as they are. Everyone is trying to humiliate each other. According to me no one gave you motivational advice or help to lead you, What i exactly learnt from my life is that….

Your life is a reflection of your thoughts…the way you think so life turn itself according to your thoughts. if i i am not wrong life is a complete package of adventures.

Life is never owned it is rented and you have to pay its dues everyday

Every day we face many difficulties in our life. I Know it is just a part of life but sometimes, we feel exhausted and want to give but giving up should not be an option. I saw so many people, they worked so hard to earn oR get goals but also they go through from so many barriers. When i was teenager my mother said to me that (Tough Situations build Strong people) now I have understood these precious words of my Mother

Education Is The Most important Weapon to Achieve Your Goals

Education plays an essential part in everyone’s life. God has gifted us of being educated. Education give the ability to read and write. Education is the only hope to get success because without education we are nothing and nothing is possible without education. When we become an educated person we know what to do and how to do in a good way. Motivate yourself by getting education.

Self education is the future for itself

Education is just like a passport of a bright destination and we just to follow its rules that requires on it’s passport. Investors only invest on something that give them sudden benefits but according to my opinion they should invest on education which is highly beneficial. Because

An investment in knowledge always give high interest

The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind from a knowledge full Pandora Box.



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