3 Ways To Overcome Fear

Aayesha Sohail
3 min readMay 23, 2021

Stop overthinking

Fear is nothing but just a state of mind because you have gave it a place in your mind without any cost.

Overthinking is just an assumption that you consistently doing with your brain. You do not even realize what you are exactly doing with your brain. Now it’s time to focus on your real goals. Instead of overthinking you should cover your real problems….. Now it’s time to change your channel.

Learn such habbits or skills which give you motivation and urge to do something new which you never did before.

Try to make your own story which can impress someone.

I am sure these tips can help you in your daily routine.

Too much thinking can leave havoc impacts in your mind because when you overthink, you spend too much time in negative thoughts. You built you own negative territory in your mind state, which is very harmful for your health.

It is very appreciable if you follow these tips to over come your weakness……

Take a deep breath….

Try to move your mind in games which can be helpful to reduce the stress…

Conquer yourself over negative thoughts.

It’s funny to read this but you should take a cold shower for the coldness of mind….

Don’t Tell Too Much About Yourself To Others

Understand your fear and just embrace it…

You shoud know that what is your exactly weakness…

I know it is hard to handle yourself when you are flooded with fear of overthinking. Don’t tell your weakness to others. They can be took it for granted. Soit’s important to understand yourself first . You should beware of being sudden emotional.

Reading of motivational quotes can be healing full for yourself…

Listen some motivational stories or speeches which can give you positive energy.

Try to write your personal diary in which you can share your personal thoughts whith yourself too.

These kind of routine can surely give you positive aspects of life.

It is hard to overcome but nothing is impossible in this possible life.

Every day bring a new chance, just try to use it in a good way.

You don’t need a special moment to live just take a moment and make it special.

Think Bigger Get Bigger

All is in hand, think positive oR negative ,think bigger oR smaller. All you have to do one thing is to kick the stressfull things out of life.

Use your imaginations in a good way. Never let someone to let down you.

Create your own path which can lead you to top of the world, which can make you down to earth.

leave such foot prints behind yourself those can be followable to others.

Understand yourself instead of understand others is the most important factor.

Try, Practise, Determination, Urge, Steadfastness, Curious to do something big, Imagination of successful future are the keys to success.

let your wings to fly…. Don’t stop yourself to fulfill your dreams because dreams are life and we have right to live life in own way….



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