3 Best Dog Breeds For Kids

Aayesha Sohail
3 min readFeb 5, 2021


.Golden Retriever

Golden retriever is smart, loyal and friendly for not even kids but for every age as well. This golden dog is perfect for kids. Golden takes a long time to train but I must say it becomes a fun and soft toy for kids. He can easily learn all the techniques to become a loving and loyal pet for the owner. if I’m not wrong golden is also a handsome dog as well. Golden is a family dog and become friendly in no time. Golden retriever dogs usually do not on anybody. Golden retriever is one of the most famous dog in United State. They are very intelligent and soft mouth dogs, these traits make them different in uniqueness from other dogs. Due to all the traits everyone love to adopt Golden Retriever.

Siberian Husky

Photo by Liviu Roman on Unsplash

Siberian Husky is a good natured dog for kids. Husky is highly rated on demand. Generally they do well with anybody. Their attracting eyes catch the attention of adopter. Husky can easily adapt any climate and this strange trait make him more different from other breeds. They are naturally friendly, gentle and calm dog. Husky has good interaction with people. The most important trait about Husky is that, they are highly intelligent dogs because they have a ability of knowing how to keep calm and they know that your child is a child. They become more calm and interacting in front of kids.

These Ate The Main Characteristics that make Husky good for kids

  1. Not suspicious and do not get aggressive
  2. Love to be around people
  3. Highly intelligent


Photo by Aditya Joshi on Unsplash

There Are Some Characteristics Of Beagles

  1. They are jolly, playful and sweet by nature.
  2. They become a good mate in no time, all you need to know is everything needs time to adjust.
  3. They are adaptable and versatile dog for family.
  4. They Love to Involve in whatever house holds.
  5. They are explorer and do not get aggressive.
  6. They can track any scent and do not give up.
  7. They love to dig and as well as they show stubborn.
  8. The National Beagles American club says that Beagles are best companions for family.

Should took Precautions from any pet breed

  1. All i can say that never let your child alone with dog because sometimes it becomes risky. No matter how much best your pet breed is and how much you gave it training.
  2. Don’t allow your children to approach your pet while he/she sleeping.
  3. Every pet should be taught from the owners to be gentle and calm around babies and we should also display ourselves calm in front of every pet so it helps your pet to be cam and nice in front of others.



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