Always remember One thing that Allah has blessed you with magneficient features.

Just like all fruits are covered with a beautiful layer as our inner features are also cover with a beautiful layer and that layer is our body. …

Last day I googled, What is the meaning of Woman, guys you have no idea Google says that, It means of an adult female of human being. What? So, Interesting to see that google says that woman is also a human. No wonder, it is shocked to read for those…

There are lots of unprofessional steps which our government take for the betterment for country become worst for country. Banning something make it more desireable.

There is no doubt, Government has been playing worst game with people just because of its pocket, and don,t know when it will stop. The…

ELECJET Fast Charging power Bank

17 minutes recharger, 60W

Input,Portable charger

Brand [ ELECJET]

Connector [USB]

Battery capacity…7000 Miliamp Hours

About This Item…………..

17 minutes rechargeable.

This item is the world’s fastest charging gadget.

7000mAh capacity can be fully recharged not only cell phone but also other gadget as well.

The apollo Traveller power bank utilizes the technology.

It charge cell phone in higher speed and increase life cycle to 4000 chargers.

It can charge your machine from 0% to 80% in just 20 minutes.

It has the ability to charge your cell phone in lowest temperature and also has the ability to save from bettery swelling and birning.

Short circuit saver and over charging saver are included.

i have an experience to use the ELECJET Power Bank and honestly it impressed me a lot.

OKZU 10000mah USB Power Bank

Fruitfull skin 4 Fruitful People

No doubt Nature is always be in itself. It consist of all natural objects and also it gives us a pureness of something that can not explain in words but it is something unique. Plants, Fruits, Vegetables all the natural objects give us natural vibes. They are not only an…

Islamophobia is nothing but just a fear and hatred against Muslim nothing else. It is a form of racism, masses spread oppose democracy and use the name of Islam in a wrong way.

Islam is the religion that teaches ‘’There is no God but Allah’’. …

Stop overthinking

Fear is nothing but just a state of mind because you have gave it a place in your mind without any cost.

Overthinking is just an assumption that you consistently doing with your brain. You do not even realize what you are exactly doing with your brain. Now it’s time…

Corona is nothing but a Pandemic, an Epidemic, an Endemic and an Outbreak.

The simple way to understand the difference between pandemic and an endemic is Pandemic ‘P’ is a passport and Endemic ‘E’ has an equipment that trying to end the world. It is necessary to understand how this…

Aayesha Sohail

hey; i am a Student of my own life and Struggle tO impress myself. I am a good listener and a great writer.. Ambitious to see and explore the wOrld…

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